Purpose for the Program

The Industry Connect Program (I-Connect) is designed to provide an opportunity for industry leading members of the Advisory Board as well as alumni of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program to work with CIS students to share knowledge and experiences not otherwise available in the conventional course work of a CIS major. The goal is to help students grow both intellectually and in the development of professional skills that will make them successful in obtaining and maintaining a career in the Information Technology (IT) field.


The I-Connect program is intended to introduce students majoring in CIS to “real” world processes, methods and expectations of the daily operation of enterprise level information technology functions.

The overall goal of the I-Connect program is to help the CIS students through interactions with industry leaders:
To gain an in-depth understanding of various professional career paths in IT from highly successful experts in their field.
To gain an understanding of the professional work place and the interactions that occur among people in the work setting.
To build and implement a personal plan for professional growth and development.
The Advisory Board benefits by:
Getting to know students who are majoring in CIS.
Having an opportunity to share their personal success stories.
Working in the development of future professionals and leaders in technology related careers.
Developing “360” feedback into the CIS program – understanding how the program could better prepare students for career life.

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